Please be aware that you are required to make an election before 12 months

Applications for pension rights to be transferred in must be made no later than twelve months after entering the LGPS. You won't get another chance unless your employer and the Teesside Pension Fund agree to extend this time limit. These applications are usually only granted in exceptional circumstances.

Joining the LGPS and completing the new member form

When joining the LGPS you will be asked to fill in a new member form. If you've previously paid into a pension scheme we need to know about it, as it can affect your pension with us. We need to know about previous pension benefits from:

  • a different LGPS fund
  • a former employer’s pension scheme
  • a self-employed pension plan
  • a ‘buy-out’ policy
  • a personal pension plan
  • a stakeholder pension scheme
  • an additional voluntary contribution (AVC) arrangement

It may be possible to transfer previous pension rights to the LGPS. By giving details of all your previous pension scheme membership, we can look at the possibility of a transfer and make a note of this previous membership on your record.

When filling in a new member form, make sure you include the details for each pension scheme you have been a member of. No transfer will go ahead without your final authorisation.