Have you nominated anyone to receive any lump sum payable in the event of your death?

As administrators of the Teesside Pension Fund, Middlesbrough Council has the discretion to pay the lump sum death grant to any person, who appears at the time of your death, to have been your relative or dependent.

You may however wish to nominate a person of your choice to receive the lump sum death grant. The advantage of making a nomination is that the payments can be made without waiting for your estate to be settled. Also, payment to a nominee usually means that no inheritance tax needs to be paid. The absence of a nomination form usually means that before payment can be made, we will require sight of Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration.

This process can take time and the death grant then forms part of your estate and may be liable to inheritance tax. If you haven't written a will your estate might not be distributed in the way you would wish. If you have not already made your wishes known, or you wish to change a previous nomination, you should download and complete a Lump Sum Death Grant