Membership of the LGPS is an important part of your job. As a defined benefit scheme, your pension does not depend on investment performance, and your benefits are backed by law.

There are ten good reasons to be a LGPS member:

  1. If you die whilst paying into the scheme, a death grant can be paid to your loved ones. This death grant is three times your pay.
  2. You receive tax relief on your contributions. This includes any extra payments you might make to top up your benefits.
  3. There are no hidden fees or charges.
  4. You can take a tax free lump sum when you retire.
  5. There is protection if you must retire early because of ill health.
  6. Survivor’s pensions are available for your spouse or partner and ‘eligible’ children.
  7. After retirement, your pension will go up in line with inflation.
  8. You can choose to pay half contributions to build up half your normal benefits.
  9. You can retire at any time from 55 to 75.
  10. Your employer also pays in. They can’t pay into another pension instead of the LGPS.

To find out what you'll pay, visit the 'what will I pay' page on our website. You can also find a contributions calculator on the LGPS member website.