Currently, the State Pension Age is different for men and Women.

A Man is entitled to receive his State Pension when he is 65, but a Woman can receive her State Pension when she is 60 (providing she was born on or before the 5th April 1950).

The government is to bring the two pension ages in line with each other by phasing the state pension age for a Woman from 60 to 65. They will do this from April 2010. This only affects Women who were born on or after the 6th April 1950.

Once the two pension ages are the same, the government will start to gradually increase both ages together from 65 to 68.

The government has stated in the Budget 2012 that state pension age will increase in line with longevity and that they intend to introduce a single tier state pension which will be worth around £140 per week, further information regarding this should be available around July 2012.

To calculate your State Pension Age, please click on the link below. This will take you to the Pension Service website

State Pension Age Calculator