General Data Protection Regulations

(GDPR) Privacy Notice

GDPR was introduced in May 2018 and updated the data protection legislation for all EU member states.  GDPR affects the way that organisations (along with pension schemes) handle personal data that identifies individuals.

To comply with GDPR, 6 key principles must be followed when handling personal data:

The six principles

  • Process data in a fair, lawful and transparent manner
  • Only use the data for the purpose(s) it was collected for
  • Collect the minimum data needed
  • Keep the data accurate
  • Delete the data when it is no longer needed
  • Keep the data secure

As part of the compliance, the Teesside Pension Fund must publicise a privacy notice setting out how it intends using individuals’ personal data.  Middlesbrough Council’s website houses the Fund’s privacy notice, and you can read it be following this link: Privacy Notice - Teesside Pension Fund